Gian Berto Vanni

Gian Berto Vanni has participated in two shows at Village West Gallery:
Beneath the Surface a solo show in fall/winter 2015, and Vanishing Worlds, a group show in winter/spring 2016.

ORIGINS - Gian Berto Vanni from Hall Powell on Vimeo.


Contrast Between
Reason and Emotion

Tree of Life

Fragments of Night,
of Storm, of Dawn

Summer Heat

Eye of the Moon



At the Beginning

Euclidean Sunrise

Layers and Layers
of Forgotten Memories

Hidden Lives
of a Summer Night

Coming Together Again

The End of Knossos

Meeting at the Limit

Kingdom of Cadmium

From Nature,
Vision in Three Moods

Silting - Moments of a Dream


Quivering Around the Light

Episodes on Wood I

China Red

Squares Hiding Squares


Eclipse Over the Red Valley


The Mother Goddess of All Cows


Search of the
Golden Fleece I

Similar Differences

Micro Life of the Sea


Memory of Crete

Surge from the Deep

Surge of Red

History on a Wall

Subaqueous Dinosaur


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