Modern House 13
William Pagano
oil on canvas, 36" x 48";  $3000
Exhibited at Village West in the Under the Influence show, Fall 2016

Twin Palms (1947)
E. Stewart Williams (architect)
Inspiration piece for William Pagano for the
Under the Influence show, Fall 2016

"My Modern House series was produced while "under the influence" of modern mid-century residential architecture. The incorporation of natural light, notions of space that elegantly flow between inside and outside, and the idea that architecture should come from the earth rather than merely being placed upon are some of the guiding principles utilized by the architects of this genre. Design elements were employed in the purest form, stripping away embellishments with emphasis on the inhabitants. These architects also maintained the philosophical idea that modern architecture would be a transformative vehicle influencing our approach to life and how we would live. It is these same utopian, transformative, philosophical beliefs along with the minimalist utilization of the elements of design that have influenced and informed my art making. I have explored, studied and documented mid-century architecture. This research enhanced and influenced the development of the paintings in Modern House Series. Images of these structures were redefined and abbreviated as I concentrate solely on these primary elements, line, shape, form, space, value, and color.

For Modern House 13 I was specifically influenced by Twin Palms, the 1947 Palm Springs mid-century home designed by architect E. Stewart Williams for Frank Sinatra. E. Stewart Williams' architectural design employs mid-century modern principles and philosophy. Twin Palms is a low-lying design with strong, clean, horizontal lines and geometric forms that extend beyond the structure embracing the landscape into the home. In Modern House 13, I focused on the design principles incorporated in Twin Palms. I manipulated and abbreviate, the line, shape, space, and color found in this structure to create a new contemporary composition fusing representation and abstraction. Following mid-century architects belief in the abandonment of unnecessary embellishments and artificial texture, I have eschewed thick brush strokes of paint. These fluid layers of color diffuse nostalgic sentiment creating a visual clarity, holding issues of beauty and alienation in tension."

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