Roman Windowphilia: Villa
Meridith McNeal
ink and watercolor on paper, 75" x 55";  $25,000
Exhibited at Village West in The Four Seasons show, Spring/Summer 2017

"Eleanor Clark, in Rome and a Villa (Doubleday, 1952), uses the term windowphilia to describe the enchanting quality windows have in the design of a villa. Roman Windowphilia: Villa is from a body of work that is indeed my own bit of windowphilia; large paintings—part window, part interior—that reference the historical and physical attributes of the places I have visited, as well as the generations that have passed through them and my own presence as a contemporary visitor. The painting clearly describe the abbondanza of late-spring/early-summer in Rome.

Open, shut, ajar; curtained or naked; opaquely reflective or straightforwardly transparent—my windows all have their own ways of inviting the viewer in. And at the same time, each one begs you to wait just a moment. The suggestion of amiably appointed spaces, with their lush houseplants and artwork on the walls, checks the impulse of flight. And the lushness of these interiors is fully capable of standing up to the fantastic world beyond, reminding us that what is contained in our own parallel points of view has just as much to offer as what lies outside."

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