Annunciation or: How I learned I was merely a vessel for procreation
Katherine Forst
stone, acrylic, mortar, 19" x 30";  $2450
Exhibited at Village West in Ancien Régime: the pre-revolutionary world Fall 2018

"This piece is a part of my Boxed In series that explores the constrictions placed on us by society. All works in the series show one or more organic objects confined in geometric shapes.

The feeling of forces that swell before bursting is represented here by the egg shapes hitting against the inner walls of the semi-circle. Eventually the force will be so great that the eggs will burst out.

Annunciation or: How I learned I was merely a vessel for procreation looks at the idea that for millennia women's ability to bear and raise children has been considered our main value to society. Renaissance Annunciations show the moment Mary was told that she was to give birth to the son of God. Often in these depictions, Mary is in a walled garden. An open book is cast aside. Mary goes through various emotions starting from disquiet and ending with acceptance of the fate has been foisted on her.

I believe that these paintings are so powerful because they relate to the moment in every young woman's life where she realizes that she is seen by society as a vessel of procreation. In fact it is my belief that the paintings' purpose was to convince the young women viewing them in church to accept this fate. My piece taps into the trapped feeling that this expectation can have on women."

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