Ancien Régime: the pre-revolutionary world

October 5 — December 9, 2018



Rue de L'Echaudé, Paris, 2017
Catherine Michele Adams

Would Native American Will Rogers Have been seduced?
Hugo Xavier Bastidas

Painted Ladies Speak: Poussin
Janet Braun-Reinitz

Police Activity in Venice Beach
Tim Daly


Ceci n'est pas une brioche
Michael Endy

Miss Plembley Feels Quite Louche This Evening
Lisa Ferber

Karl Marx for Kenneth Cole
Fred Fleisher

Annunciation or: How I learned I was merely a vessel for procreation
Katherine Forst

Untitled, from a new series on The Homeless
Marie Gagnon

Bread & Circuses butterfly
Robinson Holloway

Looking for a Way Out
Elizabeth Jordan

Super Brights
Laura Klinck

Big Eye
Katherine Knauer

Sleeping on the Street #3
Larry McKim

Laurie Riccadonna

Jennifer Roberts

Guilty Parties (in 9 parts)
James Rose

Madame Defarge, 2018
Gail Rothschild

Ellen Nathan Singer

Estuary with Fishing Spears
Katrina Slavik

Ghosts of The Royal Family posing for the Artist
Fabricio Suarez

Our T
Daina Taimina

Cell Game
Pamela Talese

C.P. Weyant

Punching Bag
Gail Winbury


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