On Saturday, April 9, 2016, Pro Arts Jersey City provided visual artists with the opportunity to discuss their portfolios with leading NJ/NY gallerists and curators in 20 minute, one-on-one review sessions. Each reviewer then selected an outstanding portfolio to be presented at Village West Gallery in the Curators Choice Exhibit, which was curated by Katherine Murdock.


Christine Barney

Glass sculptor Christine Barney was selected for the show by Anonda Bell, Director & Curator of Paul Robeson Galleries, Rutgers University.
Barney's sculptures are furnace-formed glass blocks, ground to fit each other, wheel cut, laminated, and polished on custom made Schott crystal bases.

Michael Endy

Photographer Michael Endy was selected for the show by Margaret O'Reilly, Curator and Executive Director, New Jersey State Museum.
Endy is showing four triptychs from his "Jersey Requiem" series, which examines the richness, quirkiness, and diversity of New Jersey.

Kerry Kolenut

Photographer Kerry Kolenut was selected for the show by Catherine Morris, Sackler Family Curator, Sackler Center for Feminist Art, Brooklyn Museum.
Kolenut has works from two different series in this show: Swimming Pools and Backyards.

Winifred McNeill

Artist Winifred McNeill was selected for the show by Jeanne Brasil, Director Walsh Art Gallery, Seton Hall University.
McNeill has two installations in the show - a flock of birds swarming across a wall, and a group of seashells, decorated with graphite.

Daryl-Ann Saunders

Photographer Daryl-Ann Saunders was selected for the show by Katherine Murdock, Assistant Curator, Visual Arts Center of New Jersey.
Saunders has works from two different series in this show: Urban Orchestra and Rockaways Rebuild.

Linda Streicher

Painter and architect Linda Streicher was selected for the show by Evonne Davis, Director, Gallery Aferro.
Streicher is an oil painter who brings a distinct architectural voice to her works in which she creates abstract and surreal spaces.

Gail Winbury

Abstract painter Gail Winbury was selected for the show by Todd Doney, Assistant Professor of Art, County College of Morris and curator of CCM Gallery.
Winbury's work is influenced by influenced by music, travel, depth psychology and the history of art.


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