Pamela Talese




from The Four Seasons

Crumbling Pier

from Under the Influence

Bloated (Submerged Suburb)

from Vanishing Worlds

Bleached (Coral Reef)

from Vanishing Worlds

Blasted (Mountaintop Removal)

from Vanishing Worlds

Brittle (Glacier)

from Vanishing Worlds

Big Top Economics

from Bread & Circuses

Whisky and Toile

from The Whisky Rebellion


from The Whisky Rebellion

Pamela Talese has participated in six group shows at Village West Gallery: The Four Seasons in Spring/Summer 2017, Under the Influence in Fall 2016, Vanishing Worlds show in Spring 2016, Bread and Circuses show in Winter 2015, The Whisky Rebellion show in Fall 2014, and the Grand Opening show in Spring 2014.

Pamela Talese is an on-site painter known primarily for her work on a range of subjects through out New York City. In the past eight years she has given special focus New York's maritime industries.

"The on-site element is essential for the completion of each painting as I can't get all of the information I need any other way. I am seeing the subject in its original, and my connection with the scene comes from standing out in it. The painting and the place are related by the way each is built up or changed. What occurs during the painting is a kind of temporal layering-an accumulation of perceptual experience over time. The constant study and revision of what's before my eyes, and the corresponding marks and building up of paint texture is parallel to the surface elaboration, encrustation and erosion that occurs in both the natural and man-made world. But one must really look with ones own eyes for a period be there for all of it to register and the beauty to emerge. This is what excites me and is what make the challenges of truck traffic, dirt, the changing weather and wind worth it."

Pamela Talese has been exhibiting regularly in New York City since 2003. Her work has been the subject of reviews and articles including The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, ArtNews, and CityARTS Her paintings are in manyl private collections in the US and abroad, and in the collection of the New York Historical Society. Talese has been an artist in residence at The Ucross Foundation in Wyoming, The Josef & Anni Albers Foundation in Connecticut, and a visiting artist at the American Academy in Rome.

Pamela Talese grew up in New York City. She attended Smith College and received a BA with a double major in Literature and /Studio Art (Print Making), and attended the Art Students League.

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