Big Top Economics
Pamela Talese
Oil on canvas; 36 x 34 inches;  SOLD

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The financial future for the 99% is one that has no net.

The figures depicted in this scene include: 1] Financial Institutions 2] Factory workers 3] The working poor: domestic & food services employees; 4] Student Debt 5] Matt Taibbi's Blood Sucking Vampire Squid 6]Republicans on the Housing Bubble 7] Real Estate & the Billionaire Towers 8] The mostly useless Democrats Climate Change 9] The Media 10] Healthcare 11] Fire Breather from Marcellus shale fracking zone 12] residents of the fracking states 13] Armed Force as Human Cannon Ball 14] The Bull Market 15] The 1% victorious over, well- everyone, but in this case squashing a Native American 16] Unions in chains 17]The Bear Market...all within the three rings of the XL Keystone Pipeline. Fun for the whole family!

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