January's Passing
Joan Sonnenfeld
collage and oil on canvas with fabric, crocheted lace, gauze, Arborvite cuttings, Mica dust, 25" x 33";  $1,200
Exhibited at Village West in Wherefore Art Spring 2019

We are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our little life
is rounded with a sleep.

    -- The Tempest, Act IV, Scene 1

This collage was made in honor of my mother who died at home on a January morning while snowflakes gently fell.

After 55 years, she was leaving home carefully wrapped in a cranberry blanket. Through the house and down the front steps she descended as large snowflakes covered the shroud's velvety surface like medallions of white lace, reminiscent of all those years of hand sewing, tatting, smocking, and crocheting that she loved to create and was now going with her.

If you are interested in purchasing this work, please contact Joan Sonnenfeld or visit hamiltonstreetgallery.com.


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