Diana Schmertz
oil on canvas, 36" x 30";  SOLD
Exhibited at Village West in Under the Influence

Back View (1977)
Philip Guston
Inspiration piece for Diana Schmertz for the
Under the Influence show, Fall 2016

"Philip Guston has influenced me on every level imaginable... as he has most contemporary painters. His work, Back View, shows a person carrying a pile of soles representative of people's souls.

My painting, "Pile", is of a group of hands holding on to one another. The reference to Guston's work is quite clear both visually and conceptually. Some people see "Pile" as sweet and hopeful, while others view it as disturbing. My intention was to depict the accumulation of contact we have with people in our lives in a non-linear time sequence. I believe people will view both my work and Guston's as hopeful or disturbing depending on what they carry with them. For me, I believe contact with humanity will always encompass both violence and compassion."

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