Marlene O'Haire Sandkamp


Rose Doth Not Fall (1 of 2)

from Wherefore Art

Rose Doth Not Fall (2 of 2)

from Wherefore Art

Marlene O'Haire Sandkamp participated in Wherefore Art in Spring 2019 at Village West.

My photography is from the heart. I am an amateur photographer--I love capturing a moment in time—a snow storm, friends laughing, a flower bursting with color, my menagerie of cats. A professional photographer friend of mine in Norway told me the art of photography is about being in the right place at the right time. So with a great camera and fancy phones that my husband has showered me with and the canvas of Jersey City and beyond- I am prepared for the “right time” if and when that happens.

Theater is my first artistic love--having been a professional actress for over 25 years. My husband Tony is my first true love --having been married for over 25 years.


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