A Prayer for Love and Mercy
Jen Morris
oil and mixed media on canvas, 60" x 70";  $10,000
Exhibited at Village West in Wherefore Art Spring 2019

So between them love did shine
That the Turtle saw his right
Flaming in the Phoenix' sight:
Either was the other's mine

    -- The Phoenix and the Turtle

In the shadow world to this world there are visions of fires that foretell of loss. We stave off those fears with love and prayer. We plant gardens to lift our hearts and watch life unfold. The flowers are Hail Marys for the lush lives we want.

The ghost chair sits in the garden, it's faint outlines visible from this world. A reminder of those that are gone. As in Shakespeare's poem The Phoenix and the Turtle we know that one day there will be a funeral for us lovers and the birds will come and mourn. But for now we implore the Phoenix to let us rise with it and see the sun. Let us stay in the garden a little longer.

If you are interested in purchasing this work, please contact Jen Morris or visit jenmorris.space.


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