Ines Sainz de la Maza


The Wait

The Testing

El Conde de la Maza

Circling the Bull

The Game


The Ladies

Eyeballs Rolling




The Field

Ines Sainz de la Maza participated in the Vanishing Worlds show in Winter 2016 at Village West Gallery.

Her Vanishing Worlds artist's statement:
The vanishing world of bullfighting is a complex and controversial topic. It is on the decline in Spain right now, because of changing mores and pressure from animal rights groups, as well as the effects of the recession. Two regions have outlawed the practice, and the European Union makes periodic noises about outlawing it throughout the continent.

Whether you greet the prospect of bullfighting vanishing with enthusiasm or pained nostalgia, this centuries-old art form is about more than just the slaughter of a bull.

Americans in particular are highly critical of bullfighting. The first photo lab that Village West Gallery approached about printing these photographs refused to do so on ethical grounds, even though there is no bull fighting depicted.

In some Mediterranean cultures they celebrate the Feast of Abraham with the befriending of the lamb before it is slaughtered, so that the sacrifice can be properly appreciated. In the U.S., we are usually far removed from the process that turns an animal into dinner – it’s hard to imagine a nugget as ever having been born or experiencing any of the joy of life.

In bull fighting, the bull lives his life in field for five years or so, then is celebrated and honored, and has the chance to angrily confront and fight his executioner, though his chances of success are miniscule.

Raised with the influences of three continents, the American-born, Spanish and Brazilian-bred photographer Ines Sainz de la Maza has spent much of the last year documenting her family's farm near Seville, which raises fighting cattle.

Sainz de la Maza returns to the United States in the fall of 2016 to study at the Savannah College of Art and Design.


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