Ezra Mara


Ego 1

mixed media, 10" x 8" $750

Ego 2

mixed media, 10" x 8" $750

Ego 3

mixed media, 10" x 8" $650

The exhibited pieces from Slow Art, titled Ego 1, Ego 2 and Ego 3, are defined as mixed media work because of the addition of some embroidery to painting.

The hats on the characters' heads are made with tiny stitches of embroidery floss. Furthermore, each work's surface is not a single piece of canvas stretched over the frame, but a combination of initially separated portions sewn back together. All embroideries and sewing are done by hand. Oil and acrylic were used for painting.

If you are interested in purchasing this work you can do so directly through the artist by contacting Ezra Mara or visit ezramara.com.


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