Katherine Knauer


Big Eye

from Ancien Régime

Propaganda Poster Quilt

from Under the Influence

Katherine Knauer participated in Ancien Régime: the pre-revolutionary world in Fall 2018 and Under the Influence in Fall 2016 at Village West.

Katherine Knauer began making quilts in 1976. Inspired by traditional quilt patterns and textile techniques, Knauer frequently prints her own fabric in order to layer-in imagery taken from contemporary headlines. A sense of humor is an essential component of her work and a familiarity with textile history would provide a deeper understanding of the many visual double-entendres. The juxtaposition of a medium most often associated with comfort and warmth and surface imagery concerning war and environmental degradation gives her work a unique perspective and energy.

Why quilts? "Stitching is my native language and I am more fluent with this medium than any other. The amount of focused time required, the singular concentration on the subject and the repetitive nature of careful craftsmanship provide a meditative atmosphere for reflection on the topic."

For more information, please visit katherineknauer.com.


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