Laura Klinck


Super Brights - Journal Square, 2018

from Ancien Régime

Laura Klinck participated in Ancien Régime: the pre-revolutionary world in Fall 2018 at Village West.

Laura Klinck's practice is a continuous attempt to wrestle with and convey the tension of being a participant in an ever shifting, fractured society. Living and working in the shadow of New York City, her work stems from trying to find a place in a complex landscape that appears to be struggling to catch its breath.

Her subjects and styles range from expressive figurative paintings to splintered photomontages, featuring images ranging from imaginary to familiar.

Mirroring the external friction of an increasingly unequal society, her work is an attempt to reflect the narratives of the powerful, the reactions of the many, and the consequences of that relationship on a personal and universal level.


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