Alexander Katsenelinboigen



from Wherefore Art

Paterson Great Falls

from New Jersey & You - Perfect Together!

Alexander Katsenelinboigen participated in the Wherefore Art group show in spring 2019 and the New Jersey & You - Perfect Together! show in Fall 2017 at Village West.

"My interest in art arose during my last year at college, where I studied mathematics and economics. I took a course in art history and was fascinated by various 20th century 'isms', particularly the ones that emphasized the conceptual aspects of art. Eventually I gravitated toward the more "visual" movements, such as post-impressionist and expressionist art, which employed innovative pictorial devices. I graduated with Certificate in Painting from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.

As source and inspiration for my work, I seek images that conjure up ambiguity and distortion. This dissonance often provides the impetus for the work. I work primarily from sketches and photographs, often using a computer to mutate the image in order to test the various possibilities. As the work progresses, I try to move away from the 'naturalistic' depiction to a pictorial idea that emphasizes expressiveness and complex interaction of pictorial elements. My working process is largely governed by trial and error until I arrive at a satisfactory result."

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