Paterson Great Falls
Alexander Katsenelinboigen
oil on canvas, 30" x 40";  $1000
Exhibited at Village West in New Jersey & You - Perfect Together! show

"Paterson Great Falls play an important role in the history of American industry. Alexander Hamilton was instrumental in developing this site, and in late 18th and 19th centuries the Falls powered the manufacturing mills nearby. Part of the Passaic River, the Falls present a majestic view.

My painting is based on a photograph which I took of the site. The painting evolved from a more literal representation with low cliffs and waterfall occupying much of the middle ground, and a wide band of the sky to a view dominated by the dark massive cliffs. This mass is punctuated by two waterfalls. Capping the cliffs is a footbridge with arching supports at the top and the horizontal railing at the bottom. The house on the left, painted in warmer colors, is part of a still functional hydropower plant."

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