Vivian Kahra
oil and watercolor on canvas, 55" x 67";  SOLD
Exhibited at Village West in The Four Seasons show, Spring/Summer 2017

"The evening before the morning when the track was made.

I remember. The snow started to fall. The evening light dipped the landscape in a cool blue to which the trees, strong, vertical, black, gave its illumination.

The world calmed down, absorbed every noise into itself in order to transform it to a new, soft sound.

This night seemed to be more still than all other nights before. It hid its great secret: In the soundless dark of this night emerged distance, space! The snow covered the storm ravaged earth like a pleasantly cooling cover and calmed its turbulent soul.

Tomorrow I will leave tracks in the bright new world."

If you are interested in purchasing this work, please contact Vivian Kahra or visit viviankahra.com.


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