Being Koi
Nanci Hersh
Acrylic, spray paint, pastel, charcoal on artist grade Tyvec, 56" x 65";  $1500
Exhibited at Village West in the Under the Influence show, Fall 2016

Glass Vessel (detail)
Dale Chihuly
Inspiration piece for Nanci Hersh for the
Under the Influence show, Fall 2016

"Energy, color and movement that push the boundaries of the medium are at the heart and center of Dale Chihuly's glass. It is his ability to breathe life into his work in a grand scale and bodacious form that feel otherworldly and powerful and have brought me under his influence. They seem to come from a place from the depth of the sea, or, of our own psyche.

Recently I rediscovered his Macchia series in a small book gifted to me many years ago. Page after page, the catalogue is an eruption of color in splotches (macchia, an Italian word which simply implies a stain or spot,) and patterns on vessels that barely contain, yet seem to embody forces of nature. Chihuly has written about his work revealing a more personal aspect to his craftsmanship and beauty, 'I think that glass has an interior space that's unlike other materials, and I think that probably since 1977, I have been dealing with interior spaces.' (Chihuly, 1986)

The sea and the mysteries that lie beneath the surface have long been a part of my visual vocabulary. Lines and patterns are the threads of my work to hold and capture time, memory, and above all, our life force -- energy. I am also drawn to the fluid lines, bright colors and patterns of the fish of my dreams while living in New York City, in the ocean during my many years living in Hawaii, and now found in my backyard koi pond. Koi have a powerful and energetic life force and symbolize success, longevity, courage and perseverance. Like Chihuly, my mixed media paintings and sculptures are also interior landscapes. Water is where I find peace and healing. It is a place to hold my deepest questions, joy, fears, and above all, gratitude. Chihuly's spontaneous and audacious use of color, pattern and form challenge us to see, to feel and to celebrate life, and above all, that is I wanted most to channel into Being Koi."

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