Mottainai 2
Jeanne Heifetz
ink on handmade cotton and wool paper, 31" x 23";  $2,100
Exhibited at Village West in Slow Art Fall 2019

Mottainai is a Japanese admonition against waste. Born of the enforced frugality of poverty - and later of wartime - mottainai is both a practical and ethical commitment to preserve, repair, and reuse. As embodied in repeatedly patched indigo boro textiles, mottainai asserts the inherent dignity and worth - even sacredness - of inanimate objects.

However, mottainai is more than an expression of regret at the misuse of objects; it is equally an exhortation not to waste time. These drawings are not utilitarian work garments or blankets. The labor-intensive process of drawing, although akin to stitching, serves no practical purpose. In the end, does the drive to create beauty for its own sake respect or defy mottainai?

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