Donna Greenberg


Urban Excavation with Extra Sausage

from New Jersey & You - Perfect Together!

Donna Greenberg participated in the New Jersey & You - Perfect Together! show in Fall 2017 at Village West.

Donna Greenberg is a classically trained artist with a multidisciplinary background in ceramic art and decorative and mural painting.

"About 10 years ago I discovered the modern material of polymer clay and found it perfect for the new artistic direction I wanted to explore. I have been creating vessels, wall pieces, sculpture and art jewelry with this fascinating medium, sometimes combining it with other materials such as precious metals and semi precious stones. Polymer's malleability makes it a perfect medium for stretching my organic design intentions.

I am most at home in the natural world, and much of my work is inspired by the irregular forms one comes across on a woodland walk or beach combing. 4 years ago I moved from a more country environment back to Jersey City, place of my birth, and I find the more I am surrounded by man made objects and brick and city grid, the more I feel compelled to follow my intentions into an even more organic process. I don't look to emulate nature, but rather borrow from her and create my own realities, such as my Pizza Slice fossil."

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