Urban Excavation with Extra Sausage
Donna Greenberg
Polymer clay, oil paints, silver clay, natural pyrite, 10" x 7";  $300
Exhibited at Village West in New Jersey & You - Perfect Together! show

"What is more NJ than our pizza? Everyone has an opinion on the subject and most people are fiercely loyal to their favorite. I began to think about the millions of slices consumed over the decades here. My mind conjured up an imaginary archaeological dig under the Jersey City streets where ancient pizza slices were discovered, or at least the fossilized, mineralized remains of slices, only to realize that indeed, pizza once had bones. Amazing but true, at least in my imagination.

So Urban Excavation with Extra Sausage is a tribute to delicious things that might have been and the enduring favorite food of most New Jerseyans."

If you are interested in purchasing this work, please contact Donna Greenberg or visit donnagreenbergarts.com.


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