Marie Gagnon


Untitled (Homeless)

from Ancien Régime


from The Four Seasons


from Under the Influence

Marie Gagnon participated in Ancien Régime: the pre-revolutionary world in Fall 2018, The Four Seasons in Spring/Summer 2017 and Under the Influence in Fall 2016 at Village West.

Gagnon is an artist currently living in Providence RI. In order to maintain health insurance and work toward a semblance of retirement, Marie works full time for an agency that deals with RI's most vulnerable kids and their families, finding time to paint nights, weekends and vacations.

Throughout her life, the majority of Gagnon's day gigs have mostly involved supporting social justice through work with the elderly, low income populations, immigrants, the LGBTQ community, etc. Regardless of subject matter, she is focused on relationships and connection, oftentimes seeking to make the invisible visible.

As an avid observer, Gagnon paints what captures her heart and eye. She is always moved not only by the way light plays with objects but also with what appears to become invisible because it is seen as mundane. As a painter, Marie explores relationships while continually enamored with the act of mark making and laying paint to canvas. She enjoys reworking the same view in different ways, ever curious as to how it can be transformed.

Although a native New Englander, Marie lived and exhibited in Seattle for many years. In 2012, as the increase of cranes in the sky marred the landscape, she and 100 other artists were evicted from their studios in Seattle. Marie moved back east, settled in Providence, and now paints in her west side studio.

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