Up Against The Wall
Austin Furtak-Cole
oil on canvas, 58" x 68";  $5000
Exhibited at Village West in the Under the Influence show, Fall 2016

The Wall
Philip Guston
Inspiration piece for Austin Furtak-Cole for the
Under the Influence show, Fall 2016

"Philip Guston has always been a big influence in my work, and people have often noticed that influence through the paintings I make. At the time that I made this painting I wanted to push through the influence he had had over my painting by overtly copying Guston's work and inserting myself into the them.

I'm interested in how Guston came up with his imagery and built a personal iconography over his lifetime. I too am interested in creating my own personal iconography, but through an intense looking at Guston paintings realized that I would need to come to that through my own personal experience.

What Guston chooses to paint is based in his history and life habits. Copying and closely examining his paintings sent me down a path of examining what I personally like, or am interested in, to slowly uncover who I am as a person, and perhaps start building a personal iconography for myself to paint from.

This painting marks the beginning of that process for me."

If you are interested in purchasing this work, please contact Austin Furtak-Cole or visit www.austinfurtakcole.com.


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