Karl Marx For Kenneth Cole
Fred Fleisher
acrylic, graphite and colored ground on canvas, 30" x 25";  $4500
Exhibited at Village West in Ancien Régime: the pre-revolutionary world Fall 2018

"This work focuses on important developments in history that have shaped global culture to one degree or another. The work in this series couples the image of a person that, through philosophical thought and contribution, has shaped current concepts and cultural outlook.

That the image is rendered in graphite allows for the notion of its impermanence over time, that which may ultimately lose its viability to shape culture, but remains nonetheless.

The suit portion of the image ties in the notion of fashion. That fashion continues and advance and it is one that cycles through what is current and contributes to the possibility of rendering it obsolete. So all the parts are positioned in an unstable, in the Now, moment."

If you are interested in purchasing this work, please contact Fred Fleisher or visit fredfleisher.net.


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