Hagit Dror and William Forshée



from Ancien Régime

Hagit Dror and William Forshée participated in Ancien Régime: the pre-revolutionary world in Fall 2018 at Village West.

Dror and Forshée have been collaborating since 2004. Together they form a creative team with an extensive background in fine art and commercial photography.

Born in Jerusalem in 1976, Hagit Dror began using a camera and darkroom at an early age. She continued as a military photographer for the IDF where she was trained in the highest technical standards of photography. In 1996 she moved to NYC to pursue photography professionally and continued her studies independently through the New School. Working with many photographers to support herself broadened her photographic knowledge and deeply refined her skill. She has more than 20 years of experience in darkroom, film and digital photography and currently prints all of her silver gelatin work she exhibits.

William Forshée was born in 1970 in Minnesota. He has been using the mediums of drawing, painting, sculpture and photography almost his entire life. Hired as graphic designer while attending college, he was handed a digital camera for the first time and told to "learn this". In 1997 he moved to Minneapolis where he created detailed illustrations and manipulated photography for a large corporation. Continued education through the company allowed him to work with some of the most advanced equipment of the time. In 2000, he moved to NYC where he worked with photographers, magazines, and advertising agencies creating sophisticated photo manipulations and photo illustrations for a broad range of high profile clients.

More information on Dror and Forshée and their work can be found at dror-forshee.com.


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