Lisa Collodoro


Untitled (Homeless)

from Wherefore Art

Beyond the Clown's Nose

from Bread and Circuses

Lisa Collodoro participated in the groups shows Wherefore Art in Spring 2019 and Bread and Circuses in winter 2015 at Village West.

"Growing up, I always loved fairytales, magic and anything occult and mysterious. I was always curious about what lay beyond the visual world- its, secrets, patterns, geometry, light. Making contact with the unseen, my work becomes a place of imagination, unlimited possibilities and outcomes, letting the colors and shapes tell the story.

My recent work is inspired by current events and the struggles we all share. Even though things may seem bleak and difficult at times, my color palette is optimistic and filled with HOPE.

The black and white squares in these works represent the self, the male/female side and the shadow/light. They can also represent the duality that exists in life, keeping us separate and feeling isolated; constantly being pulled and kept from being whole; separated by choices, roads and obstacles that life presents. The black circles represent obstacles, beliefs, thoughts, opinions, and prejudices that somehow shape and nudge us down roads we might not have taken or keeping us from the ones we should. The colors represent the general mood or feeling surrounding the situation. The black lines represent the strings, threads and roads that connect, bind, pull, stretch, wring, mold, encourage, challenge, and sometimes overwhelm us to BREAK THROUGH!

I was born in Gela, Sicily and immigrated to the United States of America in 1964. I began to paint in 2002 after taking a class in color theory at Parsons School of Design. My paintings and drawings have been exhibited in solo and group shows throughout New York and New Jersey and can be found in private collections in the United States, Italy and Prague."

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