Nina Boesch


A Modern Circus: Jay-Z

from Bread & Circuses

A Modern Circus: Jeter

from Bread & Circuses

A Modern Circus: Andy

from Bread & Circuses
Last Call

from The Whisky Rebellion

Nina Boesch has participated in two group shows at Village West Gallery: The Whisky Rebellion show in Fall 2014, and the Bread and Circuses show in Winter 2015.

Born in 1978 in Germany, Boesch is a Manhattan-based graphic designer and artist. Besides her professional work as interaction designer, Boesch focuses on her non-digital, artistic interest. She creates collages from used and expired MetroCards – an artistic venture she started in 2002. Boesch's collages are mosaic-like artworks created from cut-up pieces of New York City subway tickets. Since MetroCards offer a very limited color palette (yellow, orange, blue, black and white), her body of work has a very distinct and recognizable visual style, yet every collage is a one-of-a-kind artwork. Though her collages are solely New York themed, Boesch's collages enjoy an international audience and have found homes with art collectors all over the world.

Boesch received a BFA with honors from Rhode Island School of Design and her design work has won design awards from the Art Directors Club, the Industrial Designers Society of America, the Type Directors Club, and others. In 2006, Boesch received the Adobe Design Achievement Award for interactive media.

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