Christine Barney


Sand Dune
from 2016 Curators Choice show

from 2016 Curators Choice show

Christine Barney participated in the Pro Arts Curators Choice show in Spring 2016 at Village West Gallery.

"I have been working in glass for 40 years, 10 years as a glassblower, 30 years in furnace-formed solid sculpture, concurrent with 10 years of cast glass sculpture. My background in sculpture and glass has given root to several paths, one foot in the hot glass studio and the other in the mold making/casting studio.

My work in solid sculpted glass follows a continuous pursuit of color and form. I never tire of the discovery of color, the overlap, exchange and internal symphony that glass embraces and magnifies. I coordinate form and color at the furnace with carving and polishing in the coldworking studio. By cutting away segments of color, light is carried deep into the core, which amplifies transparency, dislodging a new sculpture from within. Color becomes a sculptural component liberated by light. It is always possible to go one step further. I find this process to be fascinating.

Glass continues to engage me. I follow a path that is an evolving, continual dialogue between myself and the material. Now, more than ever, all the information gained on technique and finishing is instrumental in the planning and completion of new work. I have developed technique to a high level which gives me unhampered freedom to express myself. This confidence is propelling me to attempt larger, more complicated pieces.

I think of my sculptures as streamlined forms that contain images of a sensory thought. The mind stores memories of moments and experiences. With abstract form, line and mass, I strive to connect the viewer to that memory. I work to discover my own language of form, to create sculptures that bring a shared identity with my audience."


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