Catherine Michele Adams


Rue de L'Echaudé, Paris, 2017

from Ancien Régime

Catherine Michele Adams participated in Ancien Régime: the pre-revolutionary world in Fall 2018 at Village West.

Having lived in and traveled throughout North America, Europe, Eurasia, and South Asia over the past twenty-five years, Catherine Michele Adams uses photography to induce visual meditations on civilization. Her work seeks out the vestiges of societies both small or imperial, often honing in on the intersections of that past and a new contemporary reality.

The relationship between land and built environments, the rise of international tourism as economic boon to struggling countries, and the resilience of myths in the creation of identity are themes that guide her photographic eye.

Since 2005, she has exhibited photography in group and solo shows in the Midwest and along the East Coast. Since 2011, she has been represented by Joy Reed Belt (JRB Art at the Elms) in Oklahoma City.

Her work has appeared in Black and White Photography Magazine, InDigest, & F-Stop Photographic Magazine and will be published by Corridor Éléphant (France). In July 2018, the solo exhibit Havana, Cuba: Acute Charm of Ruin and Development was mounted in Oklahoma City. This will be followed in 2019 with a solo exhibit of water and reflection meditations from France, then in 2020 with a solo exhibition from her ongoing project On the Route to Ruins: From Baalbek to Bukhara.

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