ambitious and meticulous artist Diana Schmertz at work

FAQs for artists

1. How do I apply to be in the current show?
The Google Form application for the Hey! show is here.
Those who don't have a Google account can apply with this form.

2. Is there a fee to apply?
No, there is no fee. Village West is a non-commercial, philanthropic gallery and never charges fees or commissions.
All sales of art are between the buyer and the artist, though we are happy to help with logistics and transport. 100% of all sales go to the artist, or the artist's charity of choice.

3. Can I submit more than one application?
You can submit as many applications as you like, but bear in mind that submitting too many pieces can sometimes work against you. Our group shows get hundreds of submissions, and a single application, with a high resolution jpeg and an eloquently written description can be more powerful than a large array of pieces.
We almost never choose more than one submission from an artist in a group show, but we do study artist websites, and have on occasion solicited a different piece for a show.

4. Is there a size limit?
We are limited only by our 11' ceiling height. However, because we want to showcase as many artists as possible during group shows, without overcrowding the space, we rarely accept more than four or five extra-large works per show.

5. Are all kinds of visual art considered?
Yes, they are considered, but we occasionally reject some textile and delicate sculptural pieces because of concern that our gallery cats might damage the works. We have had video pieces in the past, but it's definitely the trickiest medium for our quirky space. It's tough to set up a projector and find adequate wall space, and finding a place to set up a monitor can also be a challenge.

6. My piece was chosen as "Submission of the Week" - does that mean that it will automatically be chosen to be in the show?
Congratulations - that means that we loved your work. However, it does not necessarily mean that the work will be chosen for the show.
There are usually six to eight weeks of application period before the show is set, and once all the submissions are in and the show is being curated, there becomes a certain alchemy as to how the show comes together, and many (many!) fine pieces don't make it in.
In the past, fewer than half of the "Submissions of the Week" made it into the show, but the program gives us a chance to share some of the extraordinary work that is sent to us.

7. Any other tips for getting my work into Village West Gallery?
Be great and be professsional. The most important part of being an artist is your creativity and execution, but almost as important is the professionalism of how your present your work.
Fill out our forms completely and within the deadline. Send a high quality jpeg. If your work is accepted, please make arrangements for delivery within the deadline. Your work should be ready to display.
Although each work is unique, we are strong believers in frames for most paintings. It makes the work look more finished and it improves the chances of being sold. In some cases, Village West can help with framing, but we also recommend for simple and affordable frames.

8. On the application form you ask me to "be eloquent" in my description - what are you looking for?
We want you to tell us about your work - imagine that this is the label that will accompany your piece for museum-goers to read centuries hence.
The purpose of this description is to make us look twice at your work, and appreciate it more deeply. There have been numerous works that have gotten into shows at Village West because the description has made us take a longer look.
While we appreciate the philosophy of non-interference with the experience of the viewer and an untitled artwork - for the themed group shows at Village West, we prefer stories and explanations.

9. How can I get a solo show at Village West?
Solo shows at Village West are extremely rare. Because we have just two or three shows a year, we prefer to have group shows so that a greater number of artists can exhibit.

10. What shows are coming up?
You can see the list here. If you are an artist who is interested in participating in a future group show, please send an email to Robinson Holloway with the word "artist" to get on the mailing list.


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