The Four Seasons

May 15 - July 16 2017

The Four Seasons is a group show. The seasons have been inspiring artists for millennia — artists for this show are asked to submit work inspired by either a single season or a combination of all four.

The show will be divided into 5 sections: spring, summer, fall, winter and a section for multi- or transitional seasons.

This isn't just a show for landscape artists. Spring brings renewal, new life, baseball and The Masters. Summer is a state of mind, it's holidays of sun and sea and deer ticks. Autumn is back to school, serious cinema, pumpkins and decay. Winter can be dark, cold and silent, or merry and bright.

Representational work, abstract, photography, multi-media and sculpture — all are welcome.

Here is an FAQ page for artists who are considering applying for the show.

To apply for the show, click here. The deadline is midnight EST on April 1st. As always, Village West takes zero commission on sales of art.

If you would like to be informed of future shows and receptions, please email Robinson Holloway with the words "mailing list."

If you are an artist who would like to be added to the call for art for future group shows, please email Robinson Holloway with the word "artist."


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