Magritte Influence

Under the Influence

October 3 — December 2, 2016

Opening reception Tuesday, October 4, 5-9pm
Gallery is also open Saturday and Sunday October 8 & 9 from 11am-8pm as part of the Jersey City Art and Studio Tour

Artists get inspiration from the entirety of the universe — from every-day objects to profound philosophies. The focus of this show, however, is the influence of artists upon one another.

Many artistic careers begin by copying the work of others before developing an original style. But even the greatest of artists are continually inspired by others.

In music, the Beatles' album Rubber Soul inspired Brian Wilson to create his masterpiece, Pet Sounds, which in turn pushed the Beatles to produce Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.

Beatles and Pet Sounds


The influence of other artists on Pablo Picasso was sometimes overt — as in his version of Diego Velazquez' Las Meninas:


Or more subtle — as the composition of Henri Matisse's Blue Nude (Souvenir of Biskra) in 1907 provoked Picasso into creating one of his greatest works — Les Demoiselles d'Avignon.

For this show, we asked artist provide a single piece that was influenced by another work of art. The influence can be anything — subject matter, composition, technique, etc — but should be discernible. The artist's original work will be displayed with a print of the influencing work.

We are highlighting a "submission of the week" each week on our Facebook page -

Application deadline was August 15, 2016 and the call for art is now closed. Artists will be notified no later than September 6. All work that is accepted for the show must be delivered to Village West Gallery no later than September 19, and must be ready to hang or display [note: depending on size and location, Village West may be able to help with art transport from Manhattan and Brooklyn]. As always, Village West takes zero commission on sales.

Any questions, please contact Robinson Holloway.

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